"Pulp Surrealism" 2005-2006

In 2004 I started a series of pulp fiction and old science fiction movie - inspired works that combined painting, drawing and digital artistry. The resulting series was exhibited and published as a limited edition and signed catalogue with a preface by cultural historian Professor Robin Walz (Univ. Alaska South-East) who had written an academic treatise of the same title, ie. Pulp Surrealism.


2005. "Pulp Surrealism" at St. George Regional Museum, Sydney (16 paintings).


2005. The Bankstown-Canterbury Torch newspaper, Oct. 26th, p.7, "Surreal statements emerge from the night" (interview and story by Jeanette Stephen, photo by Wendy Kimpton).

2005. The Leader newspaper, Oct. 20th, p.61, "Haunted by the surreal and ironic" (interview and story by Kathryn Barton, photo by Jane Dyson).

2005. Australian Artist Magazine, Oct. issue 256. "Pulp surrealism at Hurstville Regional Museum".

Published Art work:

2005. Publication of "Pulp Surrealism and other Visions: The Art of Beric Henderson" December 2005 (24 page catalogue printed on heavy art stock paper, Vertigo Vision Ltd Editions).

2005. "Binary" published in Spectrum 12 (Underwood Books, USA).

2005. "Aeronauticus" published in the US magazine Direct Art  (Vol. 12, p.57).

2004. “Aeronauticus 2004” selected from almost 4000 submitted works for publication in Spectrum 11: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art. Underwood Books, USA.

  • Binary 2004. Acrylic and digital.
  • Road to Gotham City 2004. Painting and digital on paper on board. 70x90cm. Sold
  • The City 2004. Ink, acrylic and digital on paper.
  • The Big Sleep 2005. Acrylic and digital on paper. Sold.
  • Into the Night 2005. Acrylic on canvas. 60x45cm.
  • Morning Flight to Io 2005. Acrylic on canvas. 45x60cm.
  • Petrified 2005. Ink, acrylic and digital on paper. Sold
  • Rocket 2005. Acrylic on paper. Sold
  • The seven year itch 2005. Acrylic on canvas. 35x45cm.
  • Late Night Movie 2006. Acrylic on canvas. 100x75cm.