Scientific CV

University Degrees :         

Bachelor of Science   (Hons I) University of New South Wales (1984)        

Ph.D (Faculty of Medicine) University of Sydney (1990)


Awards and distinctions:           

1984                 Bachelor of Science, First Class Honours (Biochemistry), UNSW, Sydney.

1986-1990        University of Sydney Post-graduate Research Scholarship.

1991                  NSW Cancer Council Travelling Scholarship.

1991-1992         University of Sydney Medical Foundation Research Fellowship.

1994                  ISREC (Lausanne) Travel Scholarship.

1997 -1999        University of Sydney (Faculty of Medicine) Rolf Edgar Lake Research Fellowship.

2003-2012         NH&MRC Senior Research Fellowship.

2005                  WMI Science Prize (institutional recognition of achievement)

2009-                 Editorial board of two international Journals

2012-                 Appointed Associate Professor (Medicine, University of Sydney)                            


Post-Graduate Training and Research Positions

1984 :           Department of Biochemistry, University of NSW   Honours (Supervisor, Dr. Tom Stewart)

1985 :           Department of Physiology, University of Sydney, Research Assistant

1986-1990 : PhD: Department of Medical Oncology, University of Sydney, Westmead Centre

(Supervisor, Professor Richard Kefford) and CSIRO Laboratory for Molecular Biology, North Ryde (Co-supervisor, Dr. Merilyn Sleigh)

1990-1991 : Department of Medical Oncology, Westmead Hospital, Sydney Research Fellow

1992-1994 : Post-doctoral studies: Genetics Unit, Swiss Institute for Experimental Cancer Research (ISREC), Lausanne, Switzerland: Supervisor, Dr. Lukas Kühn

1995-1996 : Post-doctoral studies: MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge UK: Advisors, Dr’s. Jonathon Karn and Mike Gait (Editors of J. Mol. Biol and Nuc. Acids Res.)

1997 -:          Group leader: Westmead Institute for Cancer Research, Westmead Millennium Institute, Sydney

                    Rolf Edgar Lake Research Fellow (University of Sydney, Faculty of Medicine) 1997-1999

                    NHMRC Research Fellow (University of Sydney) 2000-2002

2003-2012 : NHMRC Senior Research Fellow  

2013-2015:  CINSW Senior Research Fellow (University of Sydney)


Research staff and aims

From 1999-2015 my research team comprised up to 10 full-time staff and students each year. We studied cell biology of cancer with special focus on protein trafficking and subcellular localisation of proteins.


National and International Profile

Selected Speaker Invitations at Conferences (2001-)

2001 : Regulation of the tumour suppressor APC by nuclear export.

13th Annual Lorne Cancer Conference, Lorne, Victoria

2001 : Nuclear export of tumor suppressor proteins.

2nd Airlie Nuclear Transport Conference, Airlie, Virginia, USA

2002 : Regulation of beta-catenin in cancer.

Sydney Transcription Group Meeting, Sydney

2003 : Regulation of BRCA1/BARD1 in breast cancer

15th Annual Lorne Cancer Conference, Lorne, Victoria

2003: The ins and outs of APC and beta-catenin nuclear transport

1st EMT international cell biology meeting, Port Douglas QLD

2004 : Regulation of APC intracellular trafficking

2nd Australian Health and Medical Reseach Congress, Sydney

2005: Regulation of BRCA1 and BARD1

ComBio Conference, Adelaide

2006: Regulation of APC and beta-catenin subcellular localization.

Cellular signalling and protein networking minisymposium, Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea.

2008: BRCA1 redistribution in response to DNA damage.

4th Australian Health and Medical Reseach Congress, Brisbane

2008: Regulation of cancer proteins APC and BRCA1

University of Sydney Cancer Research Network meeting

2010 : Regulation of BRCA1 in breast cancer. (Invited speaker and Session Chair)

2nd BIT breast cancer conference, Shanghai China

2010: Regulation of APC transport in cancer.

Protein trafficking session, Ozbio 2010, Melbourne

2010: Regulation of BRCA1 dynamics and breast cancer.

3rd China-University of Sydney Symposium and University Expo, Shanghai China

2012: Regulation of APC intracellular trafficking in cancer.

Protein transport session , Ozbio 2012, Adelaide

2014 : Regulation of APC and beta-catenin proteins in cancer.

EMBO International Wnt signaling workshop and conference , Cable Beach Broome, WA


Invited Seminars at International Institutes (2007-)

2007: Regulation and novel functions of APC in cancer.

Host: Dr. Inke Nathke, Institute of Cell and Developmental Biology, University of Dundee

2007: Regulation of BARD1 in cancer

(Host: Dr. Joanna Morris and Prof. Ellen Solomon, Guys Hospital London)

2011 : Regulation of BRCA1 in cancer.

Host: Dr Josean Rodriguez, School of Genetics, University of Bilbao, Spain

2011 : Intracellular transport and function of BRCA1 and BARD1.

Host: Prof. Lukas Kuhn, ISREC at EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland


Invited Panel Chair at conference

2002: Nuclear Transport Session

University of Sydney College of Health Sciences Medical Research Conference, Leura, NSW

2005: Session: Nuclear transport, development and disease

Mechanisms of Nuclear Transport Symposium, Brisbane

2010 : Targeting DNA repair and synthesis

2nd BIT breast cancer conference, Shanghai China

2012: Cancer protein regulation session

2012 Sydney Cancer Conference

Organisation and Chair of conferences

2002:    6th Annual NSW Cell and Developmental Biology Meeting, Westmead Millennium Institute, Sydney (approximately 120 participants)

2009:    WMI Cancer Cell Biology workshop, Westmead Millennium Institute, Sydney

2011:    Member of Organising committee for 2012 Sydney Cancer Conference, Univ Sydney

2013-14: Member Organising committee for 2014 EMBO Wnt signaling conference, Broome WA


Membership of Learned Societies (1992-)

1992-1995    Member of Swiss Societies for Experimental Biology (USGEB)

1996-1997    Member of Cambridge RNA Interest Group

1998-            Member of Sydney Protein Group

2001-            Member of Australian Society for Medical Research

2003-            Member National Association of Research Fellows (NARF)

2004-            Member of the International EMT society (TEMTIA)

2005-            NSW Public Officer for TEMTIA

2006-            University of Sydney Cancer Research Network



Peer Review activities (2008-)


Invited Member of National Grant Review Panels (GRPs):

2008-2010      Member of NHMRC Grant Review Panel for Career Development Awards

2010                Member of NHMRC Grant Review Panel for Cell Biology

2011                Member of priority-driven cancer research grants (PDCRG) review committee

2012                Member of National Breast Cancer Foundation Translational Grants review committee

2013-               Member, University of Sydney Early Career Researcher grants (Faculty of Medicine)

                        Member, NBCF Concept grant review panel

                        Member, NHMRC Grants Review Panel (cell biology)


Invited Member of National Experts Panels:

2008     Invited member of Expert Panel, Colon Cancer Review and Policy workshop, Darlinghurst   (The Cancer Council NSW)


Invited Member of International Editorial Boards:

2009-2015          Biomed Research International

2009-2014          Open Breast Cancer Journal

2009-2013          World Journal of Biological Chemistry


Chair of WMI Committees or Facilities (up to 2015)

2006- Established the WMI Cell Imaging Facility (with current Zeiss Axiovert and Deltavision live cell microscopy systems, Nuance multispectral imaging system and Olympus FV1000 confocal system all were relocated into new WMI building cell imaging core facility in 2014)

2006- Chair of WMI cell imaging facility committee

2012- Chair of WMI Grant Mentoring Application committee


Member of University of Sydney Committees

2008-            University of Sydney NHMRC grant strategists committee              

2008-            Member of University of Sydney Mentoring program

2010             Invited member of USyd Faculty of Medicine-China delegation to Shanghai

2010             Invited participant in University of Sydney School of Medicine Strategic Planning Workshop, Darlington Centre 20July2010

2012             Organising committee for Sydney Cancer Conference at Univ. Sydney


Teaching and learning


2000-2015     Supervision of eight USyd PhD students and one MSc (Netherlands) student

2005-2010     Supervision of three USyd Pharmacology Honours students to completion

2005-2013     Marking and assessment of honours students for Department of Pharmacology (USyd).


External Research Grant Funding 

Total competitive funding from >25 successful research grants (eg. NHMRC, ARC and Cancer Council NSW): (> $8 million since 2000)


Community and Media (from 2005 only; 9 others including national adverts prior)

1.        2005 Cancer Council NSW (CCNSW) : Photo and report in brochure, awards reception.

2.       2005   CCNSW : Speech for fundraising to donors at Eden Gardens, Sydney.

3.        2005 CCNSW: Speech for fundraising at Cancer Council building, Sydney

4.       2007 Blacktown Rotary Club: Public lecture at Westmead

5.       2012 CCNSW: Interview for advertising campaign – national TV and theatres

6.        2012 WMI cancer story: (smiley cell image) Media interviews for international newspaper and websites (eg. Channel 9, SBS) and Youtube (>32,000 hits)

7.        2012 CCNSW Keynote address: Blacktown relay for life event

8.        2014 Cancer Council Australia: Photoshoot and national exposure for Daffodil Day campaign

9.        2014 National Breast Cancer Foundation: Speech at Pink ribbon event Gymea Tradies

10.      2014 Westmead Hospital Education Week: “The Great Debate”


Scientific Publications

Total of 96 publications with many in the top-ranking journals of the field: Nature Cell Biology – sole author article (1), Molecular Biology of the Cell (1), J. Cell Science (1), Journal of Biological Chemistry (19), EMBO Journal (1), EMBO Reports (2), Traffic (3), Cellular Signalling (8), Cancer Research (2) and Oncogene (2).