"Sideshow" 2007-2009

Carousel 2007

Closing Time 2009

Disavowed 2009

The Killers 2009

Vertigo 2009

Ticket Booth 2009

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Original Artist Statement (2008): “I have always been fascinated by carnivals. My current series of surrealistic works explores the darker side of carnival life. The spiritual and otherworldly essence of carnival nocturnes has appeared in the mass media sporadically over past decades, and my initial exposure to this microcosm was courtesy of Ray Bradbury’s novel Something Wicked This Way Comes, mental images of which still haunt me after many years. Coupled with a fascination of all things Victorian, the old world Sideshow has now been distilled into a series of drawings and paintings that use an ever-changing carnival backdrop to depict images of isolation, uncertainty, experimentation and mystery. These are recurring themes in my work, for reasons perhaps most humans can relate to. The world depicted in my drawings could be seen as a window into my own psyche, in that they derive from spontaneous mental images. The old world feel to the work and the sense of simultaneous entrapment and release are integral elements in these compositions, where all parts are carefully balanced. I see the carnival as a metaphor for that tainted paradise most humans crave, a universe that tempts us by stimulating all our senses and yet one which is ready to swallow us whole. The sequence of temptation, experience, bewilderment and entrapment can either provoke our release or incur our demise. In this world, the surface glitter clearly masks darker happenings behind closed doors. Perhaps not so different to urban existence after all."

(extracted from an article on my work in the US art magazine Direct Art Vol. 15, Oct 2008)

Solo Exhibitions:

2012."The Curiosity Cabinet" Wedge Gallery at Books Kinokuniya, Sydney (7-20 March)

2010. "Everlasting Dream" Wedge Gallery at Books Kinokuniya, Sydney (21 July - 3 Aug)

2010. "Dangerous Dreams" Hurstville City Museum and Gallery, (Main Gallery Exhibition) Sydney (Feb-March)

2009. “Sideshow” at Arthouse Hotel, Sydney (Dec 2009-Jan 2010)

2009. "Worlds of Wonder" Hurstville City Museum and Gallery, Sydney (March)

Group Exhibitions:

2011. “ Together in Harmony” KWASS group show, Noori and Arum Galleries, South Korea ("Vertigo" and "After Hours")

2011. Curated Group Exhibition, BOM Gallery, Seoul, South Korea ("Vertigo" and "After Hours")

Published Art:

2011. "Tethered" published in Words and Images magazine (University of Maine, USA)

2008. "Carousel" published in Creative Quarterly magazine issue 13 (NY, USA)

2008. "Untethered" published in Verandah 23 literary art magazine (Deakin University press).

  • Carousel, 2007. 65x45cm. Graphite on paper.
  • Velocity. 2008. 45x30cm. Acrylic on canvas. Sold
  • Disavowed 2009. Acrylic on canvas. 75x100cm. Sold
  • Closing Time 2009. 100x75cm. Sold
  • The Killers 2009. Acrylic on canvas. 50x40cm.
  • Ticket Booth 2009. Acrylic on canvas. 30x40cm.
  • Vertigo 2009. 60x75cm. Acrylic on canvas.