Artist Statement

I have a background in art and science (PhD in biology). I started exhibiting paintings in 2003, but it was not until 2015 that I left a successful scientific career to pursue art full time. After years of research into molecular biology and the cellular mechanisms of life in Australia, Switzerland and England, I ultimately wanted to express my recurring visions of the essence of life and our connection with nature in a purely visual way. To help achieve this, we relocated from Sydney to the coastal town of Port Macquarie in 2016, so I could immerse myself in nature. I now live near the ocean and rainforest and these two settings form the visual language of my art.

My artistic practice involves a lot of experimentation with ideas and technique. The detail in my artwork reflects an obsessionality and need to make each unique work as polished and complete as possible.

The two main series of works currently examine the beauty and fragility of the oceans and the transformative processes behind natural biodiversity.
To quote an independent essay by the anthropologist and writer Anna Perdibon, "Be it on a conscious or unconscious level, a strong sense of spirituality pours
out from Henderson's art. It is a secular, scientific spirituality that informs his
art, sewing together biology, medicine, ecology, spirituality and aesthetic."

Artist Curriculum Vitae

Solo shows

2019. "Symmetry of Nature" Glasshouse Regional Gallery, Port Macquarie (Nov 23rd 2019 - 5 Jan 2020)

2017. “Cosmographica” Glasshouse Regional Gallery, Port Macquarie (Feb-Mar)

2015. “Cosmographica” Carlton Project Space, Chippendale, Sydney (Oct-Nov)

2015. “What Dreams May Come” Gallery Mercure, Potts Point (June 2015)

2013. "The Edge of Reality" Gallery Mercure, Potts Point (5 Dec 2012 -18 Mar 2013)

2012. "The Edge of Reality" at Sydney Art Expo, Hordern Pavillion (Sept, Stand A08)

2012.   “The Curiosity Cabinet” Wedge Gallery Books Kinokuniya Sydney (March)

2010. "Everlasting Dream" Wedge Gallery, Books Kinokuniya Sydney

2010. "Dangerous Dreams" Hurstville City Museum and Gallery, Sydney

2009. “Sideshow” at Arthouse Hotel, Sydney (Dec 2009-Jan 2010)

2009. "Worlds of Wonder" Hurstville City Museum and Gallery, Sydney (March)

2006. "Searching for Enlightenment" Wallspace Gallery, Surry Hills, Sydney

2005. "Pulp Surrealism" at St. George Regional Museum, Sydney

2003. “Twilights and Nocturnes” at Hazelhurst Community Gallery, Sydney  


Art Prize finalist exhibitions

2021/2020. Lyn McCrae Drawing Prize, Noosa, QLD

2021/2020/2012/2011. Adelaide Perry Drawing Prize, PLC Croydon, Sydney

2020. Jacaranda Drawing Award, Grafton Regional Gallery NSW, and Touring exhibition

2020. Swan Hill Print and Drawing Prize, Swan Hill, VIC

2020/2018/2016. Mandorla Religious Art Prize (Stala Contemporary), Perth, WA

2019. Korea Australia Art Foundation (KAAF) Art prize, Sydney (semi-finalist)

Lethbridge 10000 Art Prize, Brisbane

2017. Lethbridge 10000 Art Prize (online finalist), Brisbane

2015/2014/2013. Chapel on Station Religious Art Prize, Melbourne

2015/2014. New World Art Prize, Chippendale Sydney

2014. Korea Australia Art Foundation (KAAF) Art prize, Sydney

2014. Port Macquarie Art Prize (Winner, Open category)

2013. Fisher’s Ghost Art Award, Campbelltown Arts Centre, Sydney

2013. Waverly Art Prize (painting category), Bondi, Sydney.

2013. Cliftons Art Prize, Sydney

2013. Port Macquarie Art Prize (Winner, Drawing category)

2012/2010. St George Art Prize, Hurstville Museum, Sydney

2012. Westmead Hospital art prize, Sydney

2011/2009/2007. Prometheus Art Prize (painting), Gold Coast.

2010. Waverly Art Prize (painting category), Bondi, Sydney.

2009. Waverly Art Prize (painting and drawing categories), Bondi, Sydney.

2008. Waverly Art Prize (painting and drawing categories), Bondi, Sydney.

2007. Willoughby Art Prize (drawing), Chatswood, Sydney.

2007 . Waverly Art Prize (drawing), Bondi, Sydney.

2002 . "Southern exposure II" at Hazelhurst Regional Gallery, Sydney.


Group shows   (by invitation)

2022/2020/2018/2016/2014 . “Northern Exposure” Glasshouse Regional Gallery, Port Macquarie 

2021. "Fungi" exhibition at Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney

2021. San Carlos Light Box displays, Melbourne

2020 . “Metamorphosis” online exhibition at No Vacancy Gallery, Melbourne

2019. “Equilibrium” presented by Art Science Exhibits (Berlin) and Italian-German cultural society at Palazzo Albrizzi, official venue of Venice Biennale 2019. (1st June-1st August). Curator: MP Warming. Italy

2018.  Mandorla finalist touring exhibition, New Norcia and Health Centres, WA (July-Aug)

2018. Westmead Institute for Medical Research 21st anniversary fundraiser auction, Sydney

2018. "From Gaolhouse to Glasshouse" Bicentenary Exhibition, Glasshouse Port Macquarie

2017. “Untitled” group show at Traffic Jam Galleries, Neutral Bay, Sydney

2016. One of 5 Mandorla art award finalists selected to exhibit at St Mary’s Cathedral, Perth

2016/2015. BEAMS art festival, Chippendale, Sydney

2014. “A bit blue” art show, Mercure Gallery, Mercure Hotel Kings Cross, Sydney

2013. St. Mark’s Annual Art Show, South Hurstville, Sydney (featured artist)

2011. “ Together in Harmony” KWASS show, Noori and Arum Galleries, South Korea

2011. Curated Group Exhibition, BOM Gallery, Seoul, South Korea

2009. Annual November Show Oatley 101, Sydney (invited artist).

2009. Small Works group exhibition, Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne.

2007. BreastCheque Art Show at Deutscher Menzies, Melbourne.

2007. “April Mixed Show” at The Wallspace Gallery, Surry Hills, Sydney.

2006. "Originals" at The Wallspace Gallery, Surry Hills, Sydney (five paintings).

2006. International Art show, Conflux 3, National Museum of Australia, Canberra.

1999. Group exhibition at St. George technical college, paintings and drawings.



2021. Highly Commended $5000 prize, Mandorla Religious Art Prize, Stala Contemporary, Perth WA

2021/2017/2016. Shortlisted for the London International Creative Competition, UK

2013-15. Winner (Religious, Open and Drawing categories), Port Macquarie Easter Art Prize

2013. Second Prize (Religious art and Miniature art categories), Port Macquarie Easter Art Prize.

2012. Website selected by NGA library for preservation and archiving.

2012. Selected national art postcard distribution by AvantCards (Australia in Sept 2012).

2009. Selected national art postcard distribution by AvantCards (Australia in July 2009).

2008. Third Prize Creative Quarterly art competition (Fine arts section; ).

2006. Featured in the "Masters of Fantasy Volume 3" interactive CD.

2005. Winner, graphic logo art competition at St. George Regional Museum in Sydney, for the design of the Dragon's Lair Art Gallery. Presented by the Mayor of Hurstville.


Public Commissions

2014 . Painted a one-metre tall fibreglass koala for award-winning “Hello Koalas” tourism project in Port Macquarie. “Koala Noir” was commissioned by The Observatory Hotel and Carbon Reduction Institute.


Press and Media

2021. Art and story featured in International Gallerie magazine (Mumbai, India)

2021. ABC Radio National, paintings from Botanic Garden featured on The Science Show with Robyn Williams. 1st May 2021

2020. “Reflections on ecology, spirituality and animism through the visionary art of Beric Henderson” essay by Anna Perdibon, PhD. The Earth Issue, online and print publishing, London.

2019. La Nuova di Venezia e Mestre (Italian newspaper, 4 June 2019) “Il sottile Equilibrium tra natura e progresso nell'occhio degli artisti”

2019. 2Ser 107.3 FM (Sydney) (11.15am, 22 May) “A rt For Environmental Change: The Science Behind Compassion” Interview. (Produced by Elizabeth Gracie and Sarah Mendoza for The Daily).

2019. ABC National News and Radio (22 May) “ Australian artworks on climate change to feature in international exhibition” by Emma Siossian. Featuring the Equilibrium exhibition, Venice.

2019. Port Macquarie News (20 May) “Artist set to take Venice art world by storm” by Laura Telford.

2018. The Earth Issue (17 June) online and print environmental magazine (

2017. Zocalo Art & Culture Magazine (Tuscon, USA) “Trees Speak” record and cover art review, (p65)

2017. Focus Magazine (Port Macquarie), one page article and interview, Feb issue, p88

2017. Art Guide Australia, Cosmographica exhibition (image and text), Feb issue

2015. Art Edit magazine one page feature

2015. The Leader , 18th June, “Dots are spot-on for solo painter” (p36)

2015. The Bankstown-Canterbury Torch (June 3rd, p26), “Dream brought to life for all to view”

2015. Sydney Weekend Notes (online mag, 19 Sept) BEAMS Arts Festival (by Irenke Forsythe)

2015 . Chippendale Creative Precinct Newsletter (Sept) feature to promote “Cosmographica” exhibition

2014. The Leader , July 24th, "Fair go for koalas" (p33 featuring the new Koala sculpture)

2012. Catapult magazine issue 9 (3 pages of art work displayed).

2010. Carpaccio magazine issue 21 (an independent Spanish art journal), 6 pages of my art work.

2010. Two Thousand online magazine (21st July), "Everlasting Dream" (text by Cleo Braithwaite).

2010. Artist Palette Magazine issue 83 (seven page article)

2010 . The Bankstown-Canterbury Torch newspaper, Feb. 4th, "Paintings captivate"

2010. Dangerous Dreams Catalogue, 40 page exhibition catalogue produced by Hurstville City Museum and Gallery. Essays by Serena-Manwaring and US historian Prof. Robin Walz.

2010. The Leader, Feb 9th, "Dreams come to life" (text Jim Gainsford, photo by Chris Lane)

2010. Two Thousand online magazine (2 Feb) "Dangerous Dreams" (text Joseph Porpiglia).

2009. PushPause Art collective, "Shadows, cinema and the art of noir" (online art of cinema website )

2009 . Art Collector Magazine, full page advertisement for 2009 “Sideshow” exhibition

2009. Dragonfiles Magazine (St. George Regional Museum) feature

2008.  Direct Art Magazine (Vol. 15) featuring Sideshow images (p.49)

2007. Artist Palette Magazine, Feb. issue 48. Seven page feature article.

2007. Holograph Magazine #4. (US on-line art magazine, ).

2006. Daily Telegraph (Sydney, Sept 9, p94.) “Beric Henderson: Searching for enlightenment”

2005. The Bankstown-Canterbury Torch, Oct. 26th "Surreal statements emerge from the night".

2005. The Leader, Oct. 20th, "Haunted by the surreal and ironic" (by Kathryn Barton).

2005. Australian Artist Magazine, #256. "Pulp surrealism at Hurstville Regional Museum".


Published art

2019. “Family Tree” used as wrap-around front and back cover for US environmental arts magazine The Hopper (issue 4)

2018. Image of “Heart and Soul” included in 2018 Religious Diary (David Lovell Publisher, Melbourne)

2017. Album Cover. Two images (Forest and Nestling, 2017) on front and back covers of vinyl LP by US electronic group "Trees Speak". Cinedelic, Italy.

2013. The painting “Introspection 2006” was featured in the textbook Psychology: Contemporary Perspectives by Paul Okami (Oxford University Press USA, ISBN: 9780199856619)

2011. "Tethered" published in Words and Images magazine (University of Maine, USA)

2008. "Carousel" published in Creative Quarterly magazine issue 13 (NY, USA)

2008. "Untethered" published in Verandah 23 literary art magazine (Deakin University press).

2005. "Pulp Surrealism and other Visions" 2005 (exhibition catalogue, Vertigo Vision Ltd Ed).

2005. "Aeronauticus" published in the US magazine Direct Art  (Vol. 12, p.57).

2005. "Binary" published in Spectrum 12 (Underwood Books, USA).

2004. “Aeronauticus 2004” selected from almost 4000 submitted works for publication in Spectrum 11: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art. Underwood Books, USA


Artist Talks

2021. "JADA touring exhibition" talk at Glasshouse Regional Gallery, Port Macquarie (13 Nov)

2020 . “Art and science” interview with Dr Steve Durbach for National Science Week (August)

2018. "Role of Creativity in Art and Science" at Charles Sturt University (Port Macquarie campus). Host: Prof. Nigel Urwin.

2017.   “Cosmographica” Feb 25 at The Glasshouse Regional Gallery. Host: Niomi Sands, Curator.

2016. "Mad scientist or artistic genius: The birth of creativity" Bondi Pavilion Gallery, June. Host: Dr Steve Durbach.

2015. “Cosmographica” Oct at the Carlton Project Space, Chippendale Sydney. Host: Nicky Ginsberg.

2014. “Balance between Art and Science” invited lecture at University of Technology Sydney, Nov. Host: Dr Eileen McGowan.

2013. “ Art and Science” opening address at St Marks Art Show, Sydney, October 2013

2013. "The Edge of Reality" talk at Mercure Hotel conference room, March 2013. Host Curator: Geoff Jaeger.

2010. "Dangerous Dreams" talk at Hurstville Museum, Sydney. Followed by a video interview (see Youtube). Host Curator: Ms Jess Allen.



Private collections: Australia, US, Italy

Public or corporate collections:

New Norcia Religious Art Collection, New Norcia, WA (two works acquired)

Avantcards Head office, Sydney

Arthouse Hotel, Sydney

Westmead Hospital collection, Sydney

Westmead Institute for Medical Research, Sydney

Elders Insurance, Port Macquarie NSW

Port Macquarie Art Society, NSW

Grace Church Port Macquarie


Art training

1998-1999. Southern Sydney technical college (St. George TAFE).

1983. Art history and criticism by course work, "Issues and images in 20th century art", UNSW


Art Professional Roles

2017-2021. Member of Port Macquarie Cultural Steering Committee.


Previous Gallery Representation

2006-2007 The Wallspace Gallery, Surrey Hills, Sydney.


Studio location

2016-2022: Shop 4, Colonial Arcade, 25-27 Hay Street, Port Macquarie, NSW