"Symmetry of Nature" 2016 -

"Family Tree" 2018


"Spirit of Place" 2018 

"Forest" 2017

"Heart and Soul" 2016

"Nestling" 2017

"Tree of Man" 2018

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 Concept:  This project is ongoing and started in 2016. Symmetry of Nature comprises paintings and pinhole lightbox artworks that explore man's connections with the natural world. In particular the series entitled "Tree of Man" is inspired by scientific evidence that forests are living systems wherein trees communicate and exchange nutrients and signals underground through the network of roots and fungal mycelium.

1. BEAMS light art festival, Chippendale Sydney. September 2016. Display of three lightboxes that together make up the triptych "Eternal garden".
2. Mandorla Art Prize 2016 (theme: The Resurrection). Exhibition and shortlisting of "Heart and Soul" 2016 at Linton&Kay Galleries, Perth. This later toured through hospitals and exhibited at St. Mary's Cathedral in Perth for one month.
3. Group show "Untitled" at Traffic Jam Galleries, Neutral Bay in Sydney (April 2017). Exhibition of "Symmetry of Nature" and "Eternal Garden" triptyches.
4. "Cosmographica" solo show at the Glasshouse regional gallery, Port Macquarie (Feb-March 2017). Inclusion of "Symmetry of Nature" and "Eternal Garden" triptyches.
5. Artwalk 2017, Port Macquarie (April 20, 2017). Display of "Embryo" and "Eternal Garden" lightboxes.
6. Lethbridge 10000 Art Prize, June-July 2017. Online finalist with online display of "Nestling" 2017 painting.

7. Mandorla Art Prize 2018 (June) - shortlisting of "Terra Nova" as finalist. Exhibited in Perth, WA at Turner Galleries.


"Heart and Soul" 2016 was acquired by the New Norcia Religious Art Collection in Western Australia. 

1. "Heart and Soul" published in Catalogue for Mandorla Art Prize 2016.
2. "Heart and Soul" to be published in Religious Diary 2018 (David Lovell Publications, Melbourne).
3. "Forest" 2017 and "Nestling" 2017 images were used as front and back cover for vinyl LP of debut album by US electronic group "Trees Speak".

  • Family Tree 2018. Acrylic and ink on canvas. 150x90cm.
  • Symbiosis 2018. Ink, acrylic on canvas. 100x70cm.
  • Spirit of Place 2018
  • Tree of Man #2 2018. Acrylic and ink on canvas. 75x100cm.
  • Tree of Man 2018. 100x70cm. Acrylic and ink on paper.
  • Tree of Man 2018 (detail)
  • Terra Nova 2018. Ink and acrylic on canvas. 100x100cm. Shortlisted for Mandorla Art Prize 2018.
  • Eternal Garden 2016. Lightboxes (each 60x80cm). Paper with pinholes.
  • Embryo 2017. Lightbox. Paper with pinholes. 60x80cm.
  • Heartbeat 2017. Ink and acrylic on canvas.
  • Symbiosis 2016. Ink and acrylic on canvas. 90x120cm.
  • Detail from Symbiosis 2016.
  • Heart and Soul 2016. Ink and acrylic on canvas. 70x100cm. Sold.
  • Symmetry of Nature 2016. 3 x (90x90)cm. Ink and acrylic on canvas. Framed.
  • Forest 2017. Acrylic on canvas. 90x120cm.
  • Nestling 2017. Acrylic on canvas. 50x50cm.